Summer Lovin'

My new swimsuit came in the mail a few days ago! I was so excited. The design is so unique and can be mistaken for lingerie which makes it that much more adorable. It came out perfect and I can't wait to start wearing this on vacation coming up in two weeks. Now I only have two weeks to shape up! I'll get to it this afternoon.... I hope!


Update +New Finds

It's been such a long, long time since I've spent any time on this blog. There was just so much to do what with school ending and all, and now that summer's begun I haven't paid much attention to anything else besides spending some time with my best friend before we both leave the state for vacation. I can't really think of anything new in my life other than my awful TOMS tan on my feet! And lots of graduation//going away parties. But I've been browsing the web for some unique summer fashions and am even planning on hitting some thrift stores this afternoon to see if there are any DIYs waiting for me there! So please be on the lookout of that. Other than that, I'll try posting new "what did you wear today?"s when I get the chance.

In the meantime, check out these cool finds I spotted on Etsy!

I love being barefoot, especially in the summertime. I just love the warm concrete, or sand, and the cool grass. These knitted barefoot sandals are perfect! They're unique, and the perfect little way to dress up a warm weather outfit. HERE's where to get them.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect distressed denim shorts and this shop has a great variety of styles and colors. Some are studded, bleached. All unique, and range from 24" - 34". Click HERE to get a pair!

Here's another pair of shorts! The shop only has a few styles but the design of the studs are pretty unique and very well made, and there are a few different types of denim to choose from. HERE's how to get to the shop.
These shorts would have been perfect for the 4th of July! But they can definitely be worn as a statement piece as well. The shop also carries other vintage items, such as tops and hair pieces. Check them out HERE!

I absolutely ADORE these shorts! The lace pockets are so unique and the tie-for-a-belt is such a creative touch! Unfortunately, the sizing is limited. But check them out HERE!


Even The Best Fall Down, Sometimes

xxi peasant blouse / topshop lace bodysuit / xxi ruffled shorts / buckled wedges / topshop satchel

I notice that I use that satchel everyday lol. I'm lucky it matches most things I wear because I'm too lazy to switch purses. I'm afraid I might leave something important in one purse, like, my ID. I had a three day weekend, but Friday I took an AP test and Saturday I took the SATs. Wasn't tough, but my brain was definitely hurting by the end of it. I didn't even know you could get a headache from thinking too much! Hahah. One more AP test to go, and then the toughest part of the year is over and done with! Six more weeks until summer vacation :)  Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this little "What Did You Wear Today."

Oh, & look out for my collective haul coming up! It should be up by the weekend.



Tiny Tips to Eating Healthier

I know I've been posting a lot about food lately, but there's this change that I'm going through that really is inevitable. Now, I've never had to worry about damaging my figure with the foods I choose to eat. I'm petite, so even if I fill out a little bit, it's not as noticeable. I've also always been good at dressing to flatter my figure, so I've always been able to conceal any unwanted areas. For the past two years, high school has been stressing me out and I've been indulging in heavier foods while becoming less active. Definitely not a good combination, obviously.

To get to my point, these little changes have resulted in making me feel great! So I'll share these tiny tips with you, in case you didn't know about them yet.
  1. Research healthy recipes. I'm not a great cook. Not at all. I hardly think I'm going to go through and actually cook these recipes I research. But this was my motivation - the pictures of the deliciously healthy food were my motivation, they got my mouth watering! Two easy recipes I've been loving are morning glory toast (I just did a post on this, but there's the link again) & lemon spaghetti. Both easy to make and delish!
  2. "I'm not on a diet." I feel like this is extremely important. What many trying to shed a couple of lbs., myself included, always make the mistake of restricting ourselves to a diet plan. This makes trying to be healthy seem dreadful, and that's not our goal! The goal is to want to better yourself and your body, to want to be healthy. Instead of telling myself, and everyone else, that I needed to eat healthy. I just did it. I changed my mindset. This is important to establish before making any actual changes.
  3. Fill up on fiber! Fiber should be directly related to portions. If you're trying to cut down on your portions, eat more fiber. Fiber actually silences your hunger a lot quicker, which automatically solves your portion problem. And it doesn't make you feel sickly stuffed, either. You're hunger is silenced and you'll feel energized. Lately, I've been incorporating avocados, whole wheat bread & whole grain pita crackers into my diet. Just small, simple substitutes. One of my favorite things to eat is a slice of whole wheat bread, half spread with sunflower seed butter and the other half with Nutella, with a few slices of banana. Vegetables are also a great source of fiber, but if you're not sure what foods are great sources of fiber, here's a list, including portion/calorie ratios.
  4. Drink lots of water. It's obvious, but I always found myself drinking water just to wash down a meal. Water also keeps me full in between meals. And then there's the thing about zero calories and cleaning out your system, and all the benefits for your skin and hair and all that. I won't get into it.
  5. 11 reasons why you should drink green tea. I won't get into it, I'll just let this image do the talking. :)
    I don't know if this helped, or if you learned anything new at all. But hopefully, you appreciated it none the less! Hope you get that rockin' summer bod :)



Easy on a Sunday morning

Made breakfast again this Sunday morning. Normally I wouldn't eat avocado because the taste is too plain to me, but I've been on this health kick lately so for some reason it looked appetizing. Definitely not as big a breakfast as I had yesterday, but still fulfilling! I think it would have been better with OJ, but I finished that off yesterday so all I had was milk. Oh well, still yummy... and healthy!

Here's the instructions! Simple and easy, but thought I'd share the link anyway. Thanks to Free People for sharing such great recipes!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

I feel like I haven't had an actual meal in days, so I decided to make myself some breakfast this breezy Saturday morning. I was supposed to go thrifting, but the weather is telling me to stay inside, so I guess I'll just do a bit of some studying. I plan on having a lowkey weekend. Hope everyone's weekend is going great :)



Love yourself

I've been eating healthy these last few days, minus the Indonesian food my brother brought home tonight. I've been eating yogurt, snacking on almonds, drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit. As a result, I've been feeling refreshed! I'm trying to find some healthy, easy recipes I can cook at home, because I'm getting a gym membership again next month. I've constantly lost this battle with trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but I really want to set my life straight. I'll be on my own in a year, and I want to avoid gaining the "Freshman 15." Aren't these pictures mouthwatering?


Knits, Lace & Crochet

Current obsessions. I just love how you can dress them up to be feminine, or bohemian! Loooove.


Our house is a really really really nice house,

San Francisco has really been on my mind since I got accepted into FIDM. I can't wait to finally move down, into an apartment. I know I won't have a yard or anything, but I'd love to use some of these ideas around the apartment :) Sweet and simple.



I've been so busy this month I'm actually exhausted while I'm typing this. *yawn* I spent my spring break in California and celebrated my birthday about, I don't know, four times? Hahahah, what a great way to turn 17. A lot of my time this month was spent on school related things. All that work paid off though, because
Early acceptance, wuddddup. One more year, and I'll be living in San Francisco.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful month.



Spring Break!

Spring break '11 was really wonderful to me. I got the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family, four times while spending the whole week in California. I am so thankful for the chance to visit them again, even though I seen them a few times a year. I heard the weather here in Seattle was rainy most days, but California was definitely sun shine all the time. I wish I had my camera on me while I was there, but I was lazy, so here are a few pictures that came out nice.

 I Love Sushi! was the name of the restaurant. Deep fried CA roll & Dragon roll (I love unagi!)
 The whole restaurant sang to me and the owner gave me chopsticks and a free CA roll :)
 Red velvet cake, my fave! There were also red velvet cupcakes, but we demolished those instantly.
 I like to frolic through meadows.
 Nights were low key with my cousin and Boy Meets World. This particular night also included Chinese takeout!
 On top of the world.


Retail Therapy #1: Spring Time Weather

studded bandeau bra
oversized slub-knit cardigan
sheer/nude cropped top
ruffled shorts
harem pants

I know I'm a little late on this trend, but I finally bought myself a pair of harem pants! I never thought my petite stature could pull them off, but I found these while I was at the mall yesterday and thought, why not try them on? The instant I slipped them on, I fell in love. They are the comfiest pair of pants, ever. There is definitely a technique to wearing them. I am also loving my ruffled shorts, and the nude/soft pink colors, although I need to start adding more color to my wardrobe. I just love my neutrals though. Expect to see some outfits in the near future with these items.
xoxo, Pasion
PS. My photos look terrible. I'll work on it.