Spring Break!

Spring break '11 was really wonderful to me. I got the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family, four times while spending the whole week in California. I am so thankful for the chance to visit them again, even though I seen them a few times a year. I heard the weather here in Seattle was rainy most days, but California was definitely sun shine all the time. I wish I had my camera on me while I was there, but I was lazy, so here are a few pictures that came out nice.

 I Love Sushi! was the name of the restaurant. Deep fried CA roll & Dragon roll (I love unagi!)
 The whole restaurant sang to me and the owner gave me chopsticks and a free CA roll :)
 Red velvet cake, my fave! There were also red velvet cupcakes, but we demolished those instantly.
 I like to frolic through meadows.
 Nights were low key with my cousin and Boy Meets World. This particular night also included Chinese takeout!
 On top of the world.

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