Even The Best Fall Down, Sometimes

xxi peasant blouse / topshop lace bodysuit / xxi ruffled shorts / buckled wedges / topshop satchel

I notice that I use that satchel everyday lol. I'm lucky it matches most things I wear because I'm too lazy to switch purses. I'm afraid I might leave something important in one purse, like, my ID. I had a three day weekend, but Friday I took an AP test and Saturday I took the SATs. Wasn't tough, but my brain was definitely hurting by the end of it. I didn't even know you could get a headache from thinking too much! Hahah. One more AP test to go, and then the toughest part of the year is over and done with! Six more weeks until summer vacation :)  Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this little "What Did You Wear Today."

Oh, & look out for my collective haul coming up! It should be up by the weekend.


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  1. loove this post+your look:)
    you have such an inspirational blog:)